Aarhus Festival: Open Call to create a site-specific piece of music in the Dome

Electronic music creators in Germany and Denmark are invited to collaborate.

In cooperation with ROSA, SNYK, project NEUSTART and the Dome, Aarhus Festival invites participants to compose a site-specific piece of music for the Dome in Aarhus. The piece will be part of a bigger aim at the Dome and the surrounding area, which will include a focus on sustainability, biodiversity and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

We seek suggestions from artists, who are interested in contributing to this focus, with the goal of creating a site-specific musical composition for the Dome, to be displayed as an installation during the entirety of Aarhus Festival. The project is part of the Danish-German cooperative project, NEUSTART, which seeks to appoint a Danish and German artist, who will create two pieces of music in total. 


In terms of sound the composition must be based on electronic music, seeking to create an embracing sonic experience in the special space of the Dome. Our wish is to make the music available during the period of the festival, which is why the composition must be able to be an installation on location – in a loop or as an evolving composition – for example a 30-minute composition, played in loop. The composition should to some extent be performed live on Saturday, 3. of September, as a type of definitive premiere.  

The acoustics of the Dome are a very site-specific characteristic, that due to the shape and interior of the Dome provide a possibility of creating multiple audible spaces and acoustic effects. It is encouraged that the composition challenge and investigate these conditions – it will be possible to do a two-day site visit. In addition to the sonic conditions the piece should relate to the Dome as a botanical greenhouse, which contains more than 50 different species of plants. Moreover, the wish is to keep the context of the Dome for the coming two years in mind. During these years the surrounding areas will be annexed to become a 25,000 m2 city park, which in different ways will emphasize sustainability, biodiversity and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In this context natural sciences are one of the essential qualities, which will be supported and enhanced by the fact that Aarhus Festival will arrange multiple activities in the area, such as light art, debates and talks. 

The chosen artist will receive a scholarship of 20,000 DKK, bookmarked for the realization of the project. Travel expenses, accommodation for the entirety of the period as well as daily diets will be covered. After the applicant has been chosen, a two-day site visit will be arranged and a plan for the course of action up until and during the festival week will be plotted. 


Your application must include a description of your ideas for the project but should not exceed one A4-page. The application must include technical specifications, the number of expected channels and the format of the room. 

  • A short audio file, to give an idea of your project. 
  • A short resume.
  • Links to a website and other possible examples of your own projects. 

The application should be sent to producer at Aarhus Festival, Rud Kjerstein at e-mail rud@aarhusfestuge.dk.


  • Deadline for application is June 24. 
  • You can expect an answer by June 31. 


For further questions please contact producer at Aarhus Festival, Rud Kjerstein by e-mail rud@aarhusfestuge.dk

The project is created in collaboration with ROSA, Aarhus Festuge, Art Music Denmark, project NEUSTART and Domen. The project is supported by Music City Aarhus 2022.