Photo by Malthe Ivarsson


What does the NEUSTART initiative do?

The goal of the Danish NEUSTART initiative is to help give artists better opportunities to perform, grow, and learn in Germany and Denmark. The two countries are close neighbours, but there is still much potential to explore in connecting music scenes closer. The carbon print on touring the short distance is lower and sustainable connections are easier to maintain. Outlets to the rest of the world are well established in both countries.

In the volatile state of the pandemic, the music scenes and the neighbourly exchange need a new start. Live music, artistic growth, organisational exchange and shared knowledge can help musicians and music professionals in both countries get back on track in new and sustainable ways.

The initiative focuses on five key activities:

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NEUSTART is a joined initiative by the Danish genre organisations, Music Export Denmark and the Danish embassy in Berlin. The purpose of the initiative is to help a new start for the music scenes and strengthen the cooperation on music between Denmark and Germany.

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