Danish-German collaborations open AND seal FolkBaltica 2023

The opening and closing concerts at this year’s FolkBaltica festival May 6-14th are results of the Danish-German co-composition. Played by musicians from both sides of the border, it marks new beginnings and the festival’s theme: ‘Mut & Hoffnung / Mod & håb.

FolkBaltica is a border-crossing festival. This year, in eight different places along the border areas of Germany and Denmark, more than 5000 people showed up for more than 30 events celebrating the co-creation of music and share their ‘courrage and hope’. 

With its own FolkBaltica Ensemble of 45 talented musicians from both sides of the border, the opening and closing concerts featured co-composed work by this year’s artists in residency.

With the support of Tempi and the Danish NEUSTART initiative, artists in residence Justine Hald Boesen (DK) and Gerri Christiansen (DE) wrote this year’s festival song, “De Moot vil bære os”. The song opened the festival in Sønderborg and Husum, and will also close the festival on Sunday May 14th in Flensburg. 

Besides that, several other Danish-German collaborations including singer/songwriters, ensembles, and composers spread their hopes across the region with a myriad of works with great potential of continued cooperation. 

See the full FolkBaltica program here

Photo: Ard Jongsma