Future Female Sounds launch DJ-workshops in Berlin – Open Call to participate TBA

Future Female Sounds (FFS) are proud to announce that they will be launching yet another global DJ Programme, this time in Berlin. Together with Berlin Project Manager and DJ Nour Palestina, Future Female Sounds will be offering free DJ Workshops for migrant women and gender minorities in Berlin from March 2022.

The Open Call to apply for the workshops will open shortly and be announced.

FFS Berlin DJ Workshops are for beginners and those with a little experience, looking to deepen their knowledge of mixing.

FFS offer these free workshops specifically to migrant women and gender minorities, as they too believe this is an important and resourceful group of people, who don’t have the same access to enter the electronic music industry. FFS’ core mission is to make DJ’ing accessible to girls, women, and gender minorities globally – especially to groups who are marginalised for different reasons.

There is a lot of undiscovered talent, and we’re sure we will find it among migrant women and minorities, who are already gifted and resilient, but nevertheless may be overlooked.

This programme is kindly funded by NEUSTART, Dänische Botschaft in Berlin with audio support by AIAIAI and MONOPOL.

Photo: Future Female Sounds