New travel support pool for German music professionals!

The Danish NEUSTART initiative is now open for applications to the travel support pool ‘Germany visits Denmark’. If you want to visit Denmark’s music scene and you work in an organisation, an agency, label, or independently, you may apply NEUSTART for covering your travel expenses from Germany. 

The purpose of the pool is to make it easier for German based music professionals to visit concerts, festivals, seminars in Denmark or finally have their meeting with a Danish partner in person.

We believe physical presence is an essential part of experiencing music and making strong professional relationships. This is an open invitation to our German based colleagues to come say hi and experience in person what the Danish music scene is all about.


You may apply if:

    • You work with music in Germany  
    • You have a specific purpose with your visit in Denmark (not necessarily by invitation or with a prearranged meeting etc.) 
    • You are NOT travelling to Denmark to perform as an artist yourself. 

Please note: applications will be evaluated by member organisations of the NEUSTART initiative. You can learn more about them here. There is no deadline for applications – the pool is open until it is empty.  

(Please be patient with responses to application in the summer months as overlapping holiday weeks may affect response-time).