Danish Night in Berlin was magical!

On June, 22, the first Danish Night in Berlin hosted by Music Export Denmark, Rosa, and Tempi created an atmosphere of pure music magic.

The day flew by with networking, chatting, hugging, great food, and even greater music. Lydmor played captivating versions of her songs with just her piano, starting out with ‘These Days’ as a subtle homage to Nico in her hometown. Goss invited everyone outside for a (totally) unplugged set leaving all jaws dropped at how well his music worked with zero production. Mekdes opened up cracks for the light to enter in her vulnerable r’n’b universe, and all night the plugged concerts by Dopha, Saveus, AySay, and D-Troit kept the crowd engaged.

The day and night at Badehaus were truly magical and one to remember for both artists, paying guests, and the more than 150 German and Danish music industry professionals that came out.

The day was organised and promoted in cooperation with Loft Concerts, Factory 92, Promus, and Music Cities Network.    

Photos: Michael Baumgärtner