‘Future Female Sounds’ takes over Tresor

Thursday, March 16, Future Female Sounds takes over Tresor Berlin. Come dance the night away, when the Danish DJ training and network organisation for women and gender minorities takes over the legendary club.

Future Female Sounds finished their fourth DJ training workshop supported by the Danish NEUSTART-initiative at Berlin Clubcommission and marks this conclusion with a sparkling clubnight at Tresor Globus. Throughout 2022 and again this year Future Female Sounds have worked closely with Berlin partners and locally based instructors to train and empower DJ’s with migrant statuses and other gender identities than male to further professionalise themselves. 

Read more about Future Female Sounds here.

Their work in Berlin is supported by the Danish embassy in Germany as part of the Danish NEUSTART initiative. Come celebrate when they smash the floor with a diverse line-up way beyond techno. 

Artwork: Kai Wasikowski